Thursday, October 13, 2011

Multi-cullltural Literature

Q.  How can teachers learn and use multicultural literary works that are unfamiliar to parents?

A. Prepare rationales for teaching the multicultural literary works. Share the books with parents and other groups.

RJ Stallworth, et al. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (Mar. 06), 478-489.

[RayS. For examples of rationales for teaching literary works, go to]

 Here are some guidelines for constructing rationales for teaching literary works:

A brief summary of the book.

Appropriate grade and maturity level of the students who will be reading the book.

A detailed plot summary.

Values of the book to the students who read it.

Literary qualities of the book.

Objectives in using the book.

Teaching methods to be used in reading the book.

Assignments to be completed by the students while reading the book.

Professional educators’ opinions about the values of reading the book.

These guidelines are taken from Teaching English, How To…. By Raymond Stopper, Xlibris, 2004, pp. 434-435.

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